Workshop bring list from the tutor: India Flint (photo, collage, thankyou Sandy Fisher India Karnataka October 2008)


- WORKSHOP 'Wandering Fields and Forests'

You may be aquainted with the work of the accomplished India Flint, if not please see her website here.


Any natural fabric or fibre you want to experiment with, please advise us in advance if you want to purchase silk or other fabric at the workshop. A small pack is provided and included in the workshop fee. Peter Lucena (if you cannot get the auto email to work please email Peter at of Sentosa Textiles can be contacted in Auckland NZ- phone 09 8468166 and he has a good range of suitable textiles. Link here to the Sentosa Textiles website


Each participant will require a number of containers for dye preparation. Old pots from op-shops are ideal, as are catering size food tins.

Look for a range of different metals i.e. copper, brass, aluminium, iron, steel…they don’t need to be huge or expensive.

Snap-lock bags are useful.

Secateurs and scissors Fabric scraps including a range of fibres (silk and wool are most easily dyed, look for suitable pieces in op-shops, old blankets are very good, feltmakers may like to bring scraps of felt).

Synthetics should be avoided.

Rubber bands and string or ribbon or wool yarn (for shibori techniques) Cheap wooden clothes pegs, rusty bulldog clips, paper clips are all useful Rubber gloves (the thick plumbing ones are good for handling hot stuff)

Stout shoes with closed toes please! NO SANDALS!!!!

A bucket or several large ice-cream containers Tongs are useful

A small hammer

Some good string

Any natural plant stuffs you'd like to explore with.

A pencil and small notebook for notations an artists diary if you are in the habit of keeping one, your things for drawing with!

Needles - bring your hand sewing and stitching kit. We will be providing some silk&cotton mix twisted yarn but please bring your own in any natural fibre.

Felting : As we will be felting as well, please bring any natural fleece or fibres you would like to use. Old woollen blankets jumpers etc that are undyed can be very rewarding too.

Your other workshop tools should include sissors, gloves - both cotton and waterproof, a gather bag.


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