WORKSHOP - Penny O'Neill - "Flowers in the field"

1/2 day workshop coming up soon!

contact to express your interest.

Join us and make a scarf with soft embellishments.

Flowers in the field is Penny's latest design and you can make your own interpretation.

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Bring your own beautiful or not so beautiful fabrics, yarns, ribbons, and create!

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PENNY O'NEILL has a Romany background and is a commensurate story teller. Penny has a unique ability to look at any bit of stuff and see it's wild potential. She's a bower bird, and will share her secrets so YOU too can turn your "stash" into something amazing. So don't worrry about that messy room, Penny will teach you to turn it into an Aladdin's cave....

Come and join Penny at this workshop and enjoy tales of howling good humour!

We'll help reduce Australia's carbon footprint as well, especially if you come to us by public transport!


Penny with her mysterious bag, if you can guess what it is made of, you get to do the workshop FREE! (clue: both men and women have 2, but only women have one....)

Email us to express your interest x