Ahimsa 3 Peace Silk Shawls Luxury sample Kit


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The Ahimsa 3 Peace Silk Shawls Luxury sample Kit contains 3 beautiful peace silk shawls:  All the shawls measure 2100mm x 700mm, all are handspun:   Sc 46 is a natural handspun and silk cocoon is locally gathered from the forest after the Tussah silk moth has exited the cocoon.  Sc 87 is a fine yarn from Assam, this is then handwoven and the lattice is created with hand work. SC96, again Assamese fine Eri Ahimsa silk, is handwoven and very fine.  All shawls offered in this sample pack are at wholesale price.  Ahimsa silk contains broken silk strands so they are only able to be made by experts, these premium products are hand made and will last a lifetime.
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