Climate change scarf specials – wool and silk 5 pack


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Our wonderful suppliers had two monsoons arrive in North India – resulting a major flood. They lost much, but in the spirit of carrying on and making the most of things they washed the damaged items, and offered them to me as a special deal!  So now we have bundles of scarves, this offering is 5 scarves, sizes vary, some are 1600mm long, widths vary from 400mm and wider.   Some scarves will have marks, some will have small holes where they have been washed too hard, some will be near perfect, it is a lucky dip but at this price, creativity beckons.  5 scarves to the bundle, mainly silk or wool  (some mixed wool and silk as well). And we have 12 competition packs, get a free hand made square and 2 free handmade upcycled silk strings, see in this section for our competition kit.

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