Felt Makers 1,2,3,4 Kit


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Our special is a fun felters undyed 1,2,3,4 pack

1 = I silk mawata cap (Usually $5.00)

2= 20 grams of Silk cocoon embellishment fibre (Usually $5.50)

3 = 30 gram of 16 microm wool mixed with 20% silk. (Usually $8.80)

And last but not least, Number4, 4 bits of coloured or dyed silk felting tissue see photos. (Usually $22.00)

This kit will be priced to suit your pocket and is more than enough to make 3 scarves. $36.30 for each kit.

We’ll offer several colour combinations, but if you have a preferred colour please send us a note in the online notes section of your order and we will select the colours you want. Stock code F1234