Jenai Hooke: Making indigo pigment from plants. Dye with your own indigo. 3 days February 29th, March 1st & 2nd 2020.


In this very special workshop, Jenai Hooke will ferment indigo and produce indigo powder at the Botanical Studio in Allansford Victoria Australia. You will also be able to begin your fermentation and learn how to extract indigo pigment block and powder from your own plants.  Please ask for our standard terms and conditions to be emailed to you prior to payment of this workshop, thanking you!

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February/March 2020:Tutor:  Jenai Hooke.

Work with fresh indigo including persicaria tinctoria in the Botanical studio and garden. This is a special workshop where you will observe indigo from plant to powder. Enrolments are being taken now.  When you enlist will be asked to either bring or purchase a specified pack of textiles, plant material, and will be emailed a ‘to bring’ list – this list may include things you need to purchase in advance of the workshop. On day 3 you will be dyeing with your indigo. The price of this workshop reflects the work involved in growing a large enough crop for students to experience this fundamental process in Australia.  The workshop fee includes healthy snacks, your plant material, and a vegan gluten free lunch.