Heavy silk remnants – 250gr bundle


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We have received a small shipment of heavy silk remnants, these are a mixture of Dupioni, Duchess satin, tafetta and Faille. All 100% pure silk. Some have a light tough of commercial dyes, very pale pink, pale beige etc. These are sold by weight as length of cloth depends on silk density. But for example, 1.6 meters of heavy silk duchess satin weighs 240 grams. This would normally sell at $150 per meter, but as it is a manufacturers end and also may have some marks, you pay only approximately $33.00 depending on the heaviness of the silk….. One kg of mixed remnants works out as $132.00 per kg, we are selling these in 200-250 gram bundles. So lengths vary, however we aim for 200 gram per bundle, or slightly over. These textiles are very good for natural dyeing as they absorb a lot of dye being so densely woven.  Current batch contain a lot of silk dupioni – larger lengths available, so multiple purchases may result in one large bit.