Indian dolls Fundraiser.


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In about 2010 Beautiful Silks traveled to India the country and we held a workshop attended by 88 local women who made dolls from silk waste. We traveled with 18 of our clients, sat down and made various items, Nalda Searles then taught the women how to make dolls by hand stitching silk scrap together. Beautiful Silks bought many of the dolls and we have enjoyed this collection now for many years. Our friend Sheela Prasad was of great assistance during the workshops, being an accountant, multi lingual and possessing a blessed good nature we have kept in touch. Due to the situation in India today I’ve decided to sell my collection as a fundraiser to send some funds to Sheela who will spend them wisely. All profits will go via bank account to her in Mysore India. She has had one vaccine shot, and is confined at home in isolation, we hope she can get through this dreadful time. The dolls can be further worked on, some need the eyes to be finished etc. They are all very beautiful.

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