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Eco Postage & other post information

At Beautiful Silks we are always working to eliminate plastic from our supply stream. We ask our suppliers not to pack each item in plastic bags, our supplies are packed in string tied bundles, with at the most one large plastic bag per box. The bags are recycled into other storage packages.

If you dislike the wave of plastic that comes to you, you can now request an eco parcel. Please note the goods are wrapped in information slips, these are printed with soy and are compostable – then into a calico draw bag and slipped into a card package. So if you are receiving the goods in a dry letterbox, this service will work for you. However during covid, to save contact with counter staff at Post Office, we have used plastic tag bags. Post Office is releasing tagged compostible bags this year.

This is not an overnight service. Express Post can be but they no longer guarantee, due to staff shortages.

If you need plastic, or fast service parcels, please select that option for your parcel. Dispatch will be on Mondays and Thursdays only.

Cost of Postage, packaging and administration:

All costs in Australian dollars.

Costs of post: 2 charges for Australian parcels ($18.00 and $25.00) and one blanket charge for all offshore parcels ($50.00)

New Zealand parcels have a flat cost of $30.00. All other offshore parcels are $50.00, however for very expensive parcels, we will be asking you to cover the extra cost. Small parcels we can add something extra too. (minimum small parcel offshore about $35.00.

Our Post and packaging charges include the admin and handling costs.

The shopping cart is inflexible. We have previously tried putting an option for you the client to choose a large, medium or small parcel, however most people state they have a small parcel! We all want to pay less of course…. And when you think about it, the parcel option is so much less expense than any journey into a city costs.

We do have the option of raising the product prices, but this would penalise our larger customers who are buying more product.

Our pricing structure is weighted toward the larger orders, and after a lot of investigation, we have realized it is not possible to allocate costs per individual parcel. However, if your post cost was $25 and it cost us $40 to send we don’t ask for more money, postal costs are fixed for the above reasons. Offshore posts are different, and we will be looking to cover offshore costs, we do communicate directly with you regarding any cost issues.

Offshore customers pay $50 per parcel, and can be asked for more if it is a huge order. If it is a tiny order, please ask for a quote on your item, select direct debit payment option and add a note requesting a quotation. Thank you! Overall, it is a lot more economical to order online than to drive to a store….