Slow stitch thread 4 varieties kit


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If you are enjoying slow stitching and want to try different threads, this kit has 4 types. One is a fine silk thread suitable and similar in weight to a sewing machine thread (which we use it for in house). It is presented in a 200 yard reel. This can also be combined with other threads and stitched with. The code for the silk on the reel is TH02 There is a 2 ply pure silk hank with around 350 meters of thread, code is Y33. Then we are also providing a 50 gram hank, approximately 350 meters of silk wool thread. Code is Y92. Finally, a useful hank of linen yard, about 290 meters, strong and useful for hand stitching, binding and so on, code YLB,
These are presented as combination and you get a discount on the pack, normally retail these threads are $63.80 But as a kit, offered at $55.00