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100% Pure Natural Products Ethically Sourced.

Marion Hera-Gorr is the owner and trader and pre covid made sure she traveled to meet all suppliers. During covid, those friends and suppliers have kept our good relationship, keeping in touch via messenger and zoom.

Products are selected and prices are sorted out according to the price the supplier is asking, and Marion’s judgement that the price is going to work for you our clients. If the price is too high we don’t buy the product but we do not beat our supplier into submission on price.

We have many suppliers – they range from highly industrialised businesses to small weaving cooperatives. Our suppliers are dotted throughout Asia.

We supply many types of silk. Some of our silk is Ahimsa or peace silk. Most of the bulk silk is not, however consider this – the silkworm and humans have been working together for many centuries. Silk worms cannot grow near chemical pesticides or fertilisers. They protect us by keeping land organic and in turn we humans ensure nothing they produce is wasted, and that the generations of silk worms go on to live and breed.

Soy. We cannot supply due to the massive destruction of the Amazon rainforest caused by the high world demand for soy. Vegans really need to look beyond the immediate picture to see where their food sources are coming from and what impact the production of food and vegan textiles is causing to whole eco systems.

Our wool is certified Australian in origin – it is processed off shore and we pay all taxes at the border as we import. All our wool is imported under CHAFTA agreement and is certified Australian origin – from the Canberra region.

The linen we supply is water rhetted and we do not supply harsh chemically chlorine bleached product. Our white linen is whitened in Hydrogen peroxide. The colour is a natural eggshell white.

Cotton. Cotton is a difficult product to supply, but we have sourced certified organic cotton knit product unbleached. Our calico is not organic and we will not supply this product when we have cleared the stock. We will replace it with organically produced calico. We supply certified unbleached Indian poplin.

Finally, many of our clients will ask where does your product come from. Our business represents between Peter Lucena and myself, over 80 years of product development, sourcing, expensive travel and relationship development. Our competitors often imitate us and would love to know who our suppliers are. For this reason only we do not disclose who our suppliers are.